All that glitters

So, these are the only 2 things I took home with me yesterday from my very quick visit to Megamall. I was just really excited to use my Sodexo GCs that's why I convinced myself that I need to shop in spite of the fact that I just got off a night shift at work, came from Makati and Quiapo, and haven't had anything to eat. Turns out it was a bad decision because I was already so tired, I ended up begging myself to just go home.

Funny part is, I didn't realize I bought 2 glittery things that day! Yes, I was very well aware that I bought a pair of gold glittery flats from the SM Department Store and yes, I was ALSO aware that I bought a pair of rainbow glittery socks from Forever 21. But when I got home and took them out of my bag, I was like, "Oh wow, look! They are both GLITTERY!!!" (lol)

It must have been the lack of sleep. But then again, it could also be my same 'ol unbelievably forgetful self. BTW, took these photos using my new lens. Still trying to get the hang of it! XD


  1. Nice flat shoes & socks!!!! :)

  2. cute items

  3. GIVE ME SOME GLITTER! Glitters are addicting! These are great things :)
    xx Brigita

  4. Those glitter socks are beautiful, I really want them x


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