We can always party on our own.

Floral corset dress - bought online / denim vest - DIY / sneakers - Converse & DIY / chain bag - thrifted

Wore this to our company's Christmas party last Friday. We were supposed to wear "party clothes" but since I'm not really the regular "party girl" and I've never even gone out to party like the way most girls do, I decided to wear something different from what everybody else is gonna be wearing. In short, I decided to come as ME.

Instead of wearing a black, glittery, shimmery, tight dress (I don't have any in my closet haha)  I opted for this lovely floral corset dress I bought online last year. I added my DIY denim vest and my DIY spiked Chuck Taylors to toughen it up! I love how girly grunge it looked. Cute but dangerous. 

I don't care if this doesn't look like what most girls would wear to the club, this is how I do it! Beside, the "party" wasn't even that fun. It's not party-till-the-break-of-dawn-fun. It was pretty boring actually. I had waaay more fun playing hide and seek with my cat.


  1. love your dress. which online shop did you buy it from? i'm also short, and it's hard for me to find dresses that fit me just fine specially length wise. cute outfit!!!

  2. I love EVERYTHING about your outfit, dress, vest (gorgeous) and of course Converse, always the best.

  3. Love this look! Wish I could pull of stuff like this..


  4. Oh. I want to wear skirts and dresses. But now in Poland is horrible weather. Snow and everything. I hate it;)

  5. this is incred, love the photo you look stunning!!
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!


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