Too much studs will kill you.

Some time in 2009, I got bored with my red Chuck Taylors so I gave it a revamp by poking pyramid studs on them. However, as the days and months went by, the studs started falling off one by one, leaving ugly scars on my precious red chucks. :c

Fugly, I know. And it did look pretty hopeless. Although I've never really had a problem with wearing worn out and ragged sneakers, I wanted to give it another new look this time. Something that would made it stand out no matter how old it already looks. [I've had this since 2005]

When me and my cousins went to Divisoria last Wednesday, I bought 2 spiked leather cuffs [the ones that punks, rockers, thrashers, emo kids lurve to stack on their wrists - and sometimes on their neck]. I bought these bracelets instead of buying just studs/spikes because the all the stores in DV [that sells studs, buckles, and other components] prefer that you buy in bulk. I may be obsessed but I know that too much studs will kill you. Excessive spikes in my clothes and shoes can put my life in danger, so I settled for these cheap bracelets instead - for safety purposes.

I took all the spikes off  and threw away the naked and stud-less bracelets. Coolest thing was, the studs were just enough for the back part of my Chucks!

These are the only tools I used for this project: a screw, a screw driver, and the patience and determination not to screw this up!

Screw it! Just like that!

And then put those studs in place and lock them up on the other side using the screwdriver!

After an hour, I finished one shoe! Yeah, it took me an hour (or probably more) just to finish the first one. It's not as easy as it looks, okay? The back part [of the Chucks] was way too thick, I had a hard time screwing it up. (lol)

After 2.5 hours of hard work in putting all that hardware on my sneakers, I am done!
(The furry thing on the right side of the photo is my kitten Miho's foot! Hihi. She likes to mess up my stuff while I take photos. Such a cutie.)

Behold my punked out Chuck Taylors studded to perfection! 

I was so happy with how it turned out that I wore it inside the house with my pajamas. As usual, all my cousins were weirded out with the new look of my Chucks. But hey, this could be a perfect weapon against potential bullies and molesters I come across everyday!

In fact, I'm thinking of putting more spikes on them. Like, on both sides or maybe, all the way round!  These spikes just might save my life after all! You know, like how porcupines use their spikes for self defense? That way, random street perverts will avoid getting too close to me because one gentle sway of my foot can cause terrible pain into any part of their bodies! *evil laugh*

So, that's it for my DIY project! Hope you guys liked it because I didn't. Because I LOVED IT!


  1. This is AMAZING! Now I know what to do with my chucks :) Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Azu

  2. Love it! how does it look in the inside? doesnt it hurt you?
    I think i'm gonna do that too :)

  3. this is a very clever idea. i honestly loved how you innovated on giving your shoes a second (or third?) life! =)

  4. TOTALLY love your DIY project!!!! They look great!!!

  5. Hi. I just want to ask where in divisoria can I buy studs in bulk? Thank you.


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