Rainy Sun-Date Part 1

Photos were taken last December 3, 2011 when me and my boyfriend went on a Rainy Sunday Date. We hung out in the arcade, played games, took photos inside the picture booth and finally watched The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1! Much to his dismay, the boyfie was required to go see it with me. Haha.

I know Twilight movies got a lot of haters all over the Internet but I couldn't care less about what they all think of the books, the movies, and the people who actually "loved" it. It's just fiction, people. It's just another novel turned into a movie - which a lot of people liked. Not a big fucking deal. Not a matter of life and death. No need to open the thesaurus and use every single offensive word in it to describe the Twilight fans or "Twihards". If you're a hater and you just couldn't stand it, try not to Google it everyday or read anything about it at all, and then shut your mouth. It's not rocket science.

Anyway, I'd better stop the ranting and leave you now with photos from our rainy Sunday date. :P I wore a thrifted lace cropped top over a black tube top from Genevieve Gozum, a thrifted pair of skorts, and my ever so reliable thong sandals which I can't wear to work anymore because our company decided to be a catholic school for virgin girls who must not, in anyway, show off skin in any part of their bodies - including the feet. Oh, how I curse dress codes! Will rant about that some other day. XD


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