I'm just a little bossy.

Thrifted + DIY shirt / Thrifted liquid leggings / Converse + DIY spiked sneakers 

Do you ever get that annoying feeling when you've already put an outfit together in your mind but when you actually try it on, it doesn't work? Yeah, it happens to me too. I got pissed and ended up wearing house (pambahay) clothes to work. (Just the shirt.)

Wore this to work last Tuesday night. Definitely not the easiest thing to wear to work though because the real "bosses" and some colleagues are gonna stare at you and be like "Oh, really???!!" But you know me, I couldn't care less about what people think of my clothes. The only person I dress to impress for is myself. As long as I like what I'm wearing, all other opinions are completely insignificant to me.

BTW, I'm going home to the province tonight to spend a long Christmas vacation! I'll be back in the city on January 2012! Hopefully, I'd find time to take outfit shots there. Because you know, I'm gonna be BUSY - sleeping, lazing around, and being a complete sloth. So, yeah. Have a happy holidays everyone!

I'll try not to procrastinate and actually post a "Merry Christmas" blog entry on time. ^_^


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