Greetings From The Lazy Blogger!

Amy Winehouse shirt - American Boulevard / Ripped Jeans - Thrifted / Leather jacket - thrifted / Headband - Accessorize

So hey guys! The Lazy Owner Of This Blog finally got her ass to actually "blog" about the holidays! Let's all give her a round of applause. (lol)

Now here's what I wore on Christmas eve. I was already "dressed down" with this awesome ripped jeans and flip flops but when I stood next to my cousins, I looked overdressed - yet again. 

Sometimes I wonder, it is just me always overdressed on occassions or do my cousins just have a really boring sense of style that they can't even give a little more effort in dressing up for special events? haha

I'd like to think it's just ME. I'm just really not a simple person when it comes to wearing clothes. I hate looking ordinary. 

Anyway, these photos are just 0.05% of all the photos we took that day. It was super cold so I got a chance to wear my favorite leather jacket without getting What-The-Hell-Are-You-Wearing-Stares from sttrangers and my relatives. Haha. I had fun, of course! But one of our cousins wasn't with us cuz they weren't able to come home for Christmas so I can't really say this has been the awesomest Christmas ever.

The next day, we went to the cemetery to visit our uncle who passed away last year. The next days were spent the way lazy people spend their days. I'd tell you about how I spend my lazy days but I'm too lazy, I'm gonna say goodbye for now. Haha]

But before I go, I'm gonna leave y'all with photos of me and my genius dog, Junjun, wishing that every one of you had a very....
Merry Christmas!!! ♥


  1. merry christmas to you and junjun! nothing quite wrong with being overdressed, i think :p


  2. I love the tights layered under ripped jeans and your Amy Winehouse tee. She was really great. Also, CUTE PUPPY! I love dogs.

  3. did you wear lace tights underneath the ripped jeans? or are they sewn together? either way, i love it!

    hope the holidays were good for you! :)

    boat ride through the sky


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