Get the glam rock on.

Someone posted a request at The Niknok Style's Facebook Page if I could give "tips" on how to dress up for a "Glam Rock" party. (Hi Jeanet!) And since Glam Rock has always been one of my favorite looks, I went straight to Polyvore to create some sets!
Look #1
This is definitely something I would wear if I'm going to a glam rock-themed party. You see, I'm never really good at following dress codes but the moment I get a chance to really go to a glam rock party, I am definitely going all out on my look! 

Look #2
Sexy and badass. Those are always the first two words that comes to my mind when I hear "glam rock". This is something I will probably wear to a super posh date with the boyfriend. I'm pretty sure it'll make all the other girls jealous and all the boys drool. haha

Look #3
I'm not even sure if this is still considered "glam rock" but I love mixing girly and badass pieces together. They always get me, you know? This look is definitely ME. No doubt. 

Look #4
This has got to be my super favorite among all the sets I've secretly created while working overtime. (haha) I've just recently seen The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and I was really happy to see Bella Swan turn into a vampire - even if that happened only at the last 10 seconds of the movie. I'm excited to see the way she dresses up when she's finally a vampire! That's what inspired me when I was putting this look together .

Glam Rock is the signature look of vampires. And if I were a super hot, non-aging, perfectly flawless vampire girl, this is definitely how I'd dress up! Studs, skulls, leather, fringe, and a pop of bloody red on my lips, nails, and my feet. Damn. If there are any vampires out there reading my blog, feel free to drop by and bite me now!


  1. Oh wow these looks are amazing!
    &So cool you've got a FB page,
    I didn't even know (:

  2. I want the shoes, all of them! ahah

  3. nice looks
    i'm in love with the first little black dress where did you found it ??
    thanks X

  4. nice looks
    i'm in love with the first little black dress
    where did you found it??
    thanks X


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