A flair for Blair.

This lovely black lace long-sleeved dress is still up for grabs at my shop Lovechild Vintage. And you know why I love it? It's because it reminded me a lot of the very first time I saw one of my favorite girls of all time....
She wore this on Gossip Girl's very first episode! It was that moment I started falling in love with this crazy bitch.

You may be wondering if I love Blair Waldorf so much, why don't I just keep the dress? Why am I selling it? Well, that's because I already have a black lace dress like that. I just haven't blogged about it yet. Me, not having a piece of Blair Waldorf-inspired outfit in my closet? Not gonna happen. 

So instead of asking me silly questions, why don't y'all take advantage of my generosity and buy it from Lovechild Vintage!? I don't normally give other people the chance to own my thrifted treasures, and this is just one of those days when I feel like not being too selfish! Now go grab it! :P


  1. supa cute!!! wow the two dresses look soo similar :)

  2. The dress is beautiful, I love Blair Waldolf's style too!xx


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