This skirt moves in marvelous ways.

floral top - thrifted / mustard cardigan - sm dept. store / skirt - thrifted 
belt - thrifted / shoes - thrifted

Got this skirt from a thrift shop last July but I never got to wear it ever since. I just thought it's gonna look better when shot in a beautiful place and not just against our boring wall. And since I've recently learned how to take advantage of the beautiful scenery of my work place, I decided to finally wear it! Now all I can say is, this skirt moves in marvelous ways! It's so soft and light that even a tiny blow of the wind can set it into a frenzy! It dances with my every move. It sways with my every step. It's nothing short of wonderful and I'm definitely wearing it again! In fact, I just came up with a brilliant beyond brilliant idea of how I'm gonna wear this skirt next time. Spell "excited"!


  1. I love the skirt nikki! you know how much i love maxi skirts haha! :) just wonderin' who takes your photos? :)

  2. Denise: Thanks! I take my own outfit shots! No one has ever taken my outfit shots before that's why I was kinda shy when you were taking my picture last Saturday! Haha. So I owe all it to the self-timer of my camera! Hehe

    Cammie: thanks! xoxo

  3. amazing post.

  4. The navy sheer skirt and the mustard combo is so chic!!!

  5. cute outfit! The skirt is so pretty :)


  6. I love your maxi skirt!

  7. I love the skirt! :)

    btw, please join my blgo giveaway :)


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