Yesterday, I finally got the chance to meet the lovely girl behind Simone's Fashion Closet, Denise, at the Fashion Rev Manila!

Just so you know, this is the first time I've ever met a fellow fashion blogger. And I'm just so happy that I met someone who's so down-to-Earth and easy to talk to. I'm usually socially awkward when it comes to meeting strangers but with Denise, it felt like I've known her for a long time. Maybe because we've been reading each other's blogs for years? Or maybe because we have a lot in common when it comes to fashion, blogging, and business? I'm not really sure. All I know is that I felt so comfortable talking to her!

After all, she's the first person I've ever had a chat with about this whole fashion blogging thing I'm really into. Even my family and my boyfriend and my other close friends have no idea what I do here! They usually think I'm just really vain like that. LOL That's why I enjoyed our short but fun chat. And I wish we could do it again some other time! ^_^

Black top - DV / Denim vest - Thrifted + DIY / Floral boho skirt - thrifted / Thong sandals - SM

I wore something comfy that day cuz I had no idea where Megatent was [Meralco Ave, Ortigas Center] so I expected to be a little lost. But I found it right away! Thanks to my super cool and comfortable skirt, I was able to shield myself from the eyes of random street pervs!

I came a little earlier. There was a basic photography workshop goin on at the time so I sat there and took mental notes of the speaker's tips. ^_^

Denise and her family came afterwards and we took photos together right away! Another thing I loved about our meet up was finally meeting her adorable daughter, Marise. Damn, I was expecting a shy little girl but to my surprise, she's like the friendliest 3-year-old I've ever seen! She actually held hands with me while we were walking around the place like we're already BFFs. Haha. The funniest thing was she didn't even know my name yet. And then she probably made a wild guess and called me Andie. She's all sorts of CUTE!

Don't you just love Denise's bag and her shoes and her accessories? Unfortunately, these were the only decent photos I was able to take that day. Like I said, this is my first time to actually go out on bazaars to meet another blogger so I was kinda shy to take photos all over the place. Haha I'm such a silly newbie.

Again, it's so nice to meet you Denise! I'm definitely looking forward to more chikahan with you - and maybe an ukay-ukay shopping date? XD


  1. sure ukay date will do! the feeling is mutual nikki! alamoyan! haha! basta i love how we connect agad when we met. I really felt at ease with you agad. I actually felt bitin sa meetup naten. gust ko more chika pa! ahahaha but then this won't be the last for sure! see you soon Nikki! :)


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