Imaginary Shopping Spree: More Nasty Gal

Found all these photos from my imaginary shopping spree in Nasty Gal. These are the days when I wish I was born with a golden spoon in my mouth so I can sell the spoon in a pawn shop and buy all these awesome clothes! But since that's impossible, here I am taking mental notes on the following looks I'mma try one of these days! :P I am definitely smitten by those one-shoulder dresses and the pink and leopard print combination!

Anyway, I've been very busy these past few days hence the lack of new outfit posts.  I found two orphaned kittens outside our house last weekend and they're about 3 weeks old I guess. They're still too young to be away from their mom but I think the mother cat sort of rejected them and left them for good. So being the animal lover that I am, I just couldn't find it in my heart to leave those little fellas out in the cold. So I took them in and started nursing them as their human mother. It's stressing and demanding. But so far, I think I'm doing good as their new mom. I haven't named them yet because I'm afraid of getting too attached to them. For now, I'm just gonna do my best to raise them until their big enough to eat they're own food and look after each other. :)


  1. I am CRAZY about all of those looks! Nasty Gal has the best color combinations. I love all of these pics :)

    Kittens are so cute! I wish you lots of luck with those little critters. Being a mom to baby animals is very stressful. I've raised two baby parrots and my cockatiel. I would love to do it again if I have to, but it is a lot of work lol.

  2. I love nasty gal too! I look up the store for inspiration as well :)

    Melai of Style and Soul


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