Even the worst things have things to love in them.

Leather jacket - Thrifted / Gray V-neck top - Bench / Floral leggings - Topshop / Studded boots - Thrifted

Still struggling to take decent outfit shots for my blog. Been experimenting on taking photos in the dark. Found this little corner in our house that has been left forlorn with all that construction mess and no lights at all. Had to bring out my ever dearest external flash that I haven't used for a long time just to light up the place. I think it worked - the background is a mess, yes, that's pretty fuckin obvious but I love how the photos turned out. They're a beautiful mess. These are just some of the "successful shots" I took that night. The rest, which is more or less 1,000 photos I think, were pure crap. Taking photos in the dark and fiddling with the camera's settings, acting like a pro, sure ain't easy. But hey, better tired than MIA!

Most importantly, I love the new color of my hair! ^_^


  1. adorable leggings! love it!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. Hi! cute leggings!
    Im goin to go to Manila this tuesday. lets meet up! LOL :p


  3. so cute, love it! :)

    "Join my Halloween giveaway! WIN a bag, color block sandals and a bunch of chocolates from Paisley Clothing!"

  4. like the last photo! i want your leather jacket! :)

  5. your leather jacket!!! still looking for something like it. haha. lovely photos!

  6. Great photos, I really love those leggings and the leather jacket! And those boots are such a great thrift find :) you look great.

  7. You style your whole outfit very well, Love how you combined the leather jacket and boots in your floral leggings.

    Ohmy I like your personal style. Its very interesting, young and free.

    and I also love to shop at thrift store because thats a place where you can find a great and unique stuff.

    So I'm your new follower now:)



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