DIY Project: Denim Vest

I've always wanted to have a denim vest like this. Though it's not like I've never had one. I actually had a couple of denim vests just like these back in 2009 but I sold them all on my online shop, Lovechild Vintage, because I thought I was over them and I didn't want to wear them again.

But minds change okay, and now I want them again in my closet! Sad part is, I'm having a hard time looking for denim vests on my thrift shopping sprees lately - and you know the mall is never an option for me. Haha. So out of my desperate need for a denim vest, I bought a denim jacket from our awesome neighborhood thrift shop and slashed the sleeves off with a cutter!


I love the "ripped" effect of the slashed need to sew! ^_^ Now I can't wait to wear this with everything! On top of my list, of course, are my floral dresses, my tutu skirt, and my trusty 'ol Doc Martens! 


  1. ang pretty nikki! i want to make one din for myself! :)

  2. Wow it turned out amazing! Hmm, maybe I should give this a try. . . definitely interesting and a super cool look. Can't wait to see how you style it!



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