Zip Yo Knees

Top - thrifted / Leggings - thrifted / Shoes - thrifted / Necklace - Cindy Carol

Found these gorgeous pair of leggings from our friendly neighborhood thrift store last Sunday for less than $3! Don't you just love those zippers on its knees? This is another All Thrifted Look BTW. The whole look can be bit confusing though because of the girly, Victorian-esque top, with those badass leggings, and a sparkly sequined royal blue shoes - but hey! That's the way I like it uh-huh uh-huh. I like it!

Oh, and which look do you prefer? Hair up without nerdy glasses? Or messy hair down with nerdy glasses on?


  1. i love this outfit nikki! Comfy plus stylish! Definitely an outfit I will wear too! And wow for those thrifted pieces you are wearing! :)

  2. aww cute top!
    love those leggings, such a bargain!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. I love those leggings! I thought they were from Topshop!

  4. those leggins have zippers? omg :o so damn cool <3
    you look amazing!!

    The Indie Chase Blog

  5. I can't believe you thrifted all this! You need to teach me to be thrift savvy-- haha. Great look, as usual


  6. so adorableee and bongga thrifted your clothes!!! galeng!!:)

  7. Love your cute white top!!



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