Kiddie Dress & A New Hobby

dres - thrifted / tights - DV / DMs - thrifted 

So apparently, I'm still alive. And this this a backlog post. I wore this 2 weeks ago when we were still on our night shift at work. It's been 2 weeks since the last time I took outfit shots, we're back on day shift now, and I still couldn't find a way to take new pictures for my dear blog.*sob*

Our house is undergoing a major renovation thingy for the past 2 months - and it's probably gonna keep going on till the next 2 months - so pretty much every corner in our house that I used to take pictures in have either turned into a complete wreckage or a temporary storage space filled with boxes and stuff.

It's kind of depressing actually, because this is the only thing that takes all the stress away from me after a long day at work. Now, I can't do it anymore because I can't take photos - I've got no space in the house to do it and no one who would take pics for me. And oh! Have I mentioned that I'm also suffering from severe windburns these past 4 weeks? Yeah, yeah, my lips have been soaked in Carmex and petroleum jelly since the first day of September - so that means I have to stop wearing lipstick for the meantime. I'm a sad sad fashion blogger, I know.

Anyway, since I won't be able to blog often in the coming days and weeks, I've decided to just find something else to do! CROCHET!

I've been working on a pair of arm warmers since last week and I'm already done with the first one (in fact, I'm already using it at work). Now, I'm rushing to finish the other one!

Isn't it cute? I'm thinking of making more arm warmers in different colors! They're just perfect for my work. I spend 8 hours typing things on a computer all day and sometimes, when the AC becomes way too dedicated to its job in cooling the entire office, my hands would just freeze and then typing would be torture! So I really need to finish these babies now, I hope you guys understand. See you when I see you! xoxo


  1. the dress is so beautiful :)

    haha nice hobby :D

  2. hi Nikki I am so captured by that dress! I really like your thrift finds! Sana we can meet na together, I have been stalking you since chictopia days hihi. :)

  3. I love the adorable pattern on your dress. And those arm warmers are adorable!


  4. loving the coordinate :) the dress is awesome!


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