Wedge Of Glory

Uniqlo x Disney shirt - thrifted
Blazer - thrifted
Jeans - Jag
Wedge - Asian Vogue
Bag - DV

I was planning to dress down yesterday hence the loose graphic Mickey mouse top, but then when I looked outside and saw that the sun was finally up, I thought, "Why not dress up?" But since I'm too lazy to change into something more fancy, I just grabbed a blazer and my new wedge that I bought from Asian Vogue many weeks ago and this is what I came up with!

I loved the wedge so much cuz it's so gorgeous and sexy and very easy to walk in but I really had a hard time keeping the straps at the back on their proper place! Everytime I take a step, they'd start falling off the back of my feet! *sob*

That's when I realized that my feet are waaaaay too small for slingback shoes. So to avoid further hassle, I decided to change into flip flops while at work. Now I'm planning to bring my wedges to a shoe alteration shop where I can get the back straps tightened or maybe replaced with tough garters or whatever that would make them cling to my feet. ^__^

Anyway, I wanna thank Asian Vogue for being very accommodating when it comes to my queries. I'm definitely looking forward to buying more shoes from them! Check out what I'm eyeing at their store ATM:
A gorgeous replica of Jeffrey Campbell's Lita shoes!

But I'd have to wait for 30 more days before I order. Not that I'm on a shopping ban, it's just that, I'm scheduled to buy myself a kickass pair of kicks on the 15th! And God knows how excited I am right now! Weeee!


  1. These wedges are definitely glorious!


  2. Wow, the black wedges look awsome!!:D Love them!!:D


  3. love your top and those wedge sandals are amazingggggggg!

  4. These are cutest black wedges that I've seen thus far. I love them.

  5. Great wedges <3
    Specially the black ones!


  6. Gorgeous wedges, love the outfit xx

  7. Your wedges are just soo beautiful, your blog is soo lovely that i will be visiting it again very soon :)

  8. thats a little bit different than the real lita's! liking your outfit girl! go for it.

  9. wedges are gorgeous :) but i say save up for some real litas!


  10. Love your wedges! They are comfy yet so cool in the same time ;)

  11. wow that replica is amazing!

  12. Love those shoes! Those wedges are amazing!

  13. What is the best place to buy short wedge sandals?
    Nice article. This is so much more than I needed! But will all come in use thanks!
    wedges sandals


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