I was bored, so I Polyvored.

I've been extra lazy these past few days so I have no new outfit photos to post. I've also ran out of my usual filler posts AKA outfit shots I never got around to posting/blogging about because I'm just lazy like that. Anyway, since I haven't shared this here yet, check out my latest looks on Polyvore:

Y'all know that I am a punk at heart--and I guess that's enough explanation as to why I came up with these 2 punked out sets. I've always had a thing for Doc Martens, skulls, studs, and everything badass.

For days when I want to look different...I'm really into experimenting these days and I'm dying to try the sheer maxi skirt trend. I'm still on the hunt for it :P

And lastly, because I have a special spot in my heart for bright colors and neons. This is something I'd definitely wear when I wanna feel 16 again--and I'm confident I can get away with it because I sorta kinda don't seem to be aging. Haha


  1. Love the 1st look, very edgy, love it!
    the 3rd look is so girly, love that too!
    i've been wanting to investigate in a sheer maxi skirt item as well hehe!
    Krissy xoxo


  2. God I love all the looks! They are so creative! You're very talented at that !



  3. Great look. check out mine.


  4. digging the looks you created! :)
    new follower here

  5. When are bored, there is a chance that we read news, watch videos or listen to music.


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