A Chic Surprise!

The past week has been really stressing for me. Something really bad happened at work and it left me devastated, uninspired, and just totally depressed. I promised myself to get back to blogging this week but to my dismay, this morning went pretty badly as well so I decided it's not the right time to dress up and feel pretty because I don't. :c But just when I thought I'm about to end this day as shitty as how I started it, here comes a lovely surprise!

I was already home for almost an hour and I didn't even notice that box lying in the corner. I wouldn't have found it if my cousin didn't tell me about a package! LOL.
Tada! It's the Keds sneakers I got from Chictopia's Chic Rewards! I traded my hard earned 5,000 Chic Points for these chic pair of sneakers! And it's so damn worth it!

I totally didn't expect it to arrive this soon! I claimed it just 2 weeks ago (I guess) and I was thinking it'll arrive in 4-6 weeks time. But it's here now! How awesome is that?

Believe it or not, receiving this package has been the only reason I feel happy today. I don't care if that sounded so shallow. All that matters to me right now is I finally have a reason to be happy today! At least I won't sleep tonight with a frown on my face. :)

PS: I might wear it tomorrow and who knows? I just might make a comeback! xoxo


  1. Yay! I'm so happy that you ended your day happily. There is nothing worse than going to bed angry or upset. Anyway, love those sneakers! So cool, and so chic!



  2. they look awesome! i hope you become a lot less stressed out now that you got those keds! think on the bright side hehe ^^
    Krissy xoxo


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