who's in boots?

Leather jacket - Thrifted
White tank top - Just G.
Floral leggings - Topshop
Doc Martens - Thrifted

My DMs are back! I left them last month in the province but I missed them so much so I asked my cousin to send them over. And now, me and my boots are together again!

This is what I wore to work yesterday cuz the rainy days have just begun! So I had to make the most out of the perfect weather! Haha I think my fellow Filipino bloggers can relate to me on this one. We live in a country where it feels like we're in one of the many branches of hell most of the time, so whenever the skies turn dark, and it starts to drizzle, everybody just goes gaga over layering! haha

I didn't wear layers of clothes though, but I found the weather as the perfect excuse to wear my floral leggings tucked under my boots so it sort of looked like a pair of floral tights. :P I also had to wear my amazeballs leather jacket again because it's just too awesome to be worn just once in a week. Plus it never fails to keep me warm whenever our office decides to turn itself into a freezer.

That's it for today! :P I'll be going back to the province over the weekend for a super quick vacation and I am so excited cuz I'll be seeing my dog, Junjun again! Oh how I missed that genius dog of mine! ^_^


  1. thanks for the comment on blog Nikki! I love this outfit on you! And such a cute dog! :) Hope to meet you soon Nikki! :) I wonder where you go thrift shopping?hehe

  2. love your leggings! :) your dog is sooo cute! love the boots too!


  3. great look! i had the chance to wear my rain boots to work yesterday, thank you RAIN! haha. :)

  4. Such a cool look! I want your leggings and leather jacket! :D hahaa
    "Plus it never fails to keep me warm whenever our office decides to turn itself into a freezer." Hhahaa i can relate, this house usually feels like a freezer >.<


  5. Oh my! Where do you go thrift shopping? I love thos boots!

  6. love love the whole outfit! i want DM's too!! been looking for ages na

  7. Aw you are too, too sweet - I just had to comment back! Thank youuu. (:

    I have the exact same floral leggings, haha. I always wear them with boots! (:

  8. Hi there beautiful!! Oh I just love your last photo with your dog!! So cuute!! Send my hugs to him/her! ;D And tanks for leaving out such beautiful comment on my blog! :) Follow you now. ;)

    hug and kiss kiss,


  9. hahaha love that observation about us filipinos jumping at the first chance of layering :D great outfit!


  10. Cool look.
    Love the leggings and shirt. :)

    Thanks for your comment on my last post. :)

  11. I love your floral leggings! I agree with you! The cold weather gives us all the chance to wear as much as we want :)))

  12. love the floral leggings..the sweet one..looks great on you :)

    check out my blog if you're free

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  13. I love your floral tights! :)I love how you paired them with the tops and jacket :)

  14. love the floral leggings, i've got a similar pair - they're so easy to wear with basic tshirts :)


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