Vanity is our favorite sin.

Tell me you're not vain and you hate taking pictures of yourself and I'm going to laugh at you. ^_^ I think vanity is everyone's favorite sin these days. That's why I'm not really surprised that Hollywood celebs like Blake Lively and Vanessa Hudgens actually take naked photos of themselves because they turned out to be obsessed with their bodies. Can we blame them for being too vain? NO. What we can blame them for is by being too stupid to save those photos that ended up leaked online. I mean, seriously Blake, its not like your body is going away that you have to take its picture so you wouldn't miss it, right? LOL. Why am I talking about this. Change topic.

 There's really nothing much going on in these photos. Just me, in my thrifted leopard print top and thrifted denim cut-offs being all crazy vain inside our room just because I can - and the camera is willing to be my slave. Pointless, I know. Next topic.

I've always wanted to do a "What's In Your Bag" post but its either: I was jobless, I don't go out and bring bags with me anymore or I was just too lazy to arrange my stuff over a table and take pictures. 

Congratulations to me, I was able to do it last night! I wasn't very patient enough to lay everything in proper order and they look like a total mess, but that's how they look like inside my bag anyway! You see, some things are better messy. A perfect example of that is my hair. Have you ever seen my hair properly done in all the photos I post in this sweet blog o' mine? Exactly. :P So yeah, what was I talking about again?
Now, behold. Whatever it is to behold.
  • VS PINK cologne gifted to me 2 years ago (haha)
  • My cute vintage-y mirror which always reminds me of princesses
  • J&J baby powder because I produce more oil than the middle east countries
  • Green Cross hand sanitizer because I sometimes like to act like a neat freak when I’m really not
  • Mediplast band aids for those days when my shoes decide to torture my feet with blisters
  • The Face Shop cheek & lip tint and concealer because I have so much flaws to hide
  • Nars Sciap lipstick for those times I feel the need to add some loud shade of pink to my look
  • Mascara and eyeliner for they are the only make-up products I actually know how to use properly because I’m so dumb when it comes to that [make-up]
  • My pink leopard printed wallet which I thrifted many years ago but I still keep until today because it’s super cool
  • My I.D. with a very pretty picture of my face
  • My iPod which is possibly the cheapest, lowest model/generation of iPod you can find in my new office hence I feel obliged to get myself an iPod Touch a few months from now
  • Nerds candies I didn’t get to eat today because we spent all afternoon acting busy
  • My Pucca change purse that’s so cute
  • And of course, my very useless phone

Sorry if I didn't make sense today. It's just, nothing really special is going on in my life right now. You know...I just received my first payslip from my new job yesterday and it was wayyyy bigger than what everyone had expected and we;re all still so happy HIGH about it and now I just couldn't get myself to think about anything else but the many many many things I want to buy for myself. I want kickass headphones, a new bag, new shoes, new this, new that. And it scares the shit out of me because I know if I give in to all these temptations, I'll be heading to Brokewville in no time. So right now, in an attempt to forget about the new things I wanna buy, I just convinced myself to post a new blog entry. LOL.


  1. love this post Nikki! And so funny about the payslip! Tama ka kesa gumastos at bumili ng bagong kung ano-ano magblog ka na lang or else you'll see yourself broke haha! I feel that way too and that's what I do most of the time! And you look so sexy in the photos! Aren't you eating at all? hehe and you work for an ad agency ba? :)

  2. Hi Denise! haha you're right. Fashion is an expensive addiction! thank God I'm only obsessed with ukays and not designer stuff. hehe

    Oh and yes, I work for an ad agency. And yes, of course I eat and in fact, I eat a lot! haha Thanks for the comment! muaaah! :P

  3. I definitely enjoyed reading this post Nikki! Omg, I miss eating Nerds!! The last time I ate Nerds was...

    Grade School or High School days..LOL



  4. Beautiful photos! I love all the effects! xxx

  5. you totally deserve it, you earned it you worked for your money, you go girl I treated myself with a shopping spree a few weeks ago! :)

  6. I love the last photo! I've always been curious how you get that effect on images! Anyways, I think everyone's vain. Why are fashion blogs popular if it's not a celebrated consensus? HAHA

    Speaking of WHAT'S IN MY BAG, I'm planning to do one too! HAHA

    x sPam of frou-frou

  7. Awesome outfit, love the leopard print top! :)

    The Cat Hag

  8. I love your outfit.


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