The Party Photodiary [06.04.11]

These photos were taken last Saturday, June 4, 2011, at The Party: 2NE1 Live in Manila A.K.A. The Best Day Of My Life. 

It's been 3 days since it all happened but I still have some sort of hangover from the epicness of that 45-minute mini-concert. The experience was BEYOND WORDS. Though I'm not going to blog about it here because I already did at The Crazy Bitch Diaries (my personal blog) so read it there instead if you're curious of how batshit crazy I was that night.

I just posted these here because I wanna rave about the clothes my awesome 2NE1 girls wore that night. I love Bom's studded shorts and oversized top with an exposed bra! Dara looked like she's going to a pajama party -- the most badass PJ party for that matter. Minzy looked supercool too!!! But my favorite would have to be CL's skeleton jacket! It's so freaking cool! ^_^ And I'm really digging those kicks they're all wearing. I'm definitely gonna get a pair of those sneakers one of these days so watch out for that!

BTW, as you can clearly see I was so dressed down that day. So just imagine how upset I was when I got to the venue and everyone was SO DRESSED UP. Then I realized, that I was going to a 2NE1 concert--a Kpop girl group not only known for their cool music but also for their outrageously cool outfits as well! When I got to the venue, I was shocked at the amount of 2NE1 clones scattered all over the place! My eyes were having a feast seeing all those cool Blackjacks [2ne1 fans] dressed up in their 2NE1-inspired outfits! I was too excited to check out what everyone was wearing I forgot to take a picture! Haha FAIL, I know.

After the concert, my cousins met me up outside the venue and we headed straight to Tiendesitas for a few drinks! It's like my very own afterparty for the awesome concert I've just seen. ^.^ It was also our very first Girls Night Out! The funny thing was when we were all walking home and we're like a bunch of lowlife drunkards walking the streets past 12 midnight! Scary but definitely fun! *That night, I realized how fun it is to actually have a "night life". HAHA. We should really do it again!

So yeah, this is what I ended up wearing after HOURS of deciding what to wear. I was actually already dressed up as CL from their Lonely music video but the weather pushed me to get my ass into something more comfortable. So I ditched the all-black outfit and biker jacket an opted for a loose top, a pair of jeans and flip-flops because I didn't wanna sweat---only to find out it's gonna be cold inside the big dome! WTF.

Oh well, I think I'm just gonna have to re-do my CL outfit some other time and write a separate post for it! For now, I leave you with photos from my perfect Saturday night! ^_^ Toodles!

Pink leopard printed loose top - thrifted H&M
Jeans - Lee
Bag - Divisoria
Pink flipflops - Havaianas

Accessories - DIY, Quiapo, Divisoria


  1. After seeing this post I sooo wanna party!! :)


  2. WAH WHAT AN AWESOME PHOTO DIARY. It just exudes AWESOMENESS. And those first photos? Eek, so triiippppy!

  3. wow ang saya naman yan I wish I have known earlier about 2ne1's mini concert para nakanood din ako hehe. I love your animal-print top and the pink headband!

    about the external flash how much is it? and if I use it ba di na magiging blurred photos? hehe I am not shopping for real lights ah hehe I am just improvising the lights for my DIY photo studio hehe. once it's finished I will blog about it hehe :)

  4. Cute look!! I LOVED the first 3 photos of the concert!! Nice job on capturing them! :D

  5. What a cute necklace! It looks flawless with that top!


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