Meet Junjun

Top - thrifted
Shorts - thrifted Scarf worn as headband - thrifted
Bracelets - DIY

Meet my little black dog, Junjun. He's a 1 year-old mongrel. He's not really a pure-bred insanely expensive dog, but he's special to me. I've always wanted a pet dog but every time I get one, its either they die or the folks want them out of the house.

I got Junjun last year. I named him Junjun because I got him in June and the name's really funny. Here in the Philippines, Junjun is a common name for boys. That's why every time people hear me talking about, or calling the name "Junjun", they're all expecting a human being...and they always end up laughing at themselves when they realize that Junjun is actually a dog. Haha

Anyway, I'm posting this today cuz I really miss Junjun! I miss playing "fetch the ball" with him. I miss the way he waits outside the door every morning for me to come out of my room and greet him. I miss giving him compliments and hugs and kisses every time he does his tricks right and every time he finishes his meals. Damn I just miss this little fella sooooo much!!!

Sorry if this isn't fashion-related, I just want y'all to meet my very special best friend forever. Call me a loser for not having a human BFF but I don't care. My BFF is my dog Junjun and he's more than enough for me! ^_^

By the way, these photos were taken some time in January. I was taking outfit shots inside our room and Junjun was just lying there, watching me. So I invited him to come over and take a picture with me, but the tripod was a little too high so I had to carry him. And boy was he freaking heavy!!!

PS: Check out my personal blog The Crazy Bitch Diaries - Junjun and I had a mini-reunion 3 weeks ago and it was fun fun fun fun fun!!! Read about it HERE.^__^


  1. aww he reminds me so much of my dog before!!! love the last shot :)

  2. Beautiful pictures
    and cute dog :)

    xx Viktoria

  3. cute doggie!and nice head wrap :)

  4. haha junjun is an adorable dog! that looks like a fun shoot with him! i recently posted about my dog "boss" and how he kept me company during the typhoon drama..hay naku, filipinos name their dogs so crazy noh? great post dom! looking forward to more posts from you..kisses!

  5. your dog is too adorable,i love these sets of photos love how you rocked that scarf!

  6. Aw, your top is so cute! (I especially love the colour!) And of course your dog is adorable too! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  7. Cute shirt! :)

  8. oh, he's so lovely!! i really do love the last photo of you two together (:

  9. love the scarf that you use as a headband.

  10. you are cute!!
    m following you :)

  11. Junjun is such a sweetheart.


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