The Lost Samurai

Skull scarf - thrifted
V-neck shirt - Forever21
Wide legged pants - thrifted
Sandals - SM Dept. Store
Bag - Divisoria

I'm back! And I'm wearing weird pants--which I call my samurai pants! Haha Doesn't it look like a maxi skirt? That's what I love about this newly thrifted gem! It looks like a skirt but it's actually a pair of wide legged pants--the most comfortable pair of pants I've ever owned! It's made of cotton so it's very soft and flowy. I just love the way it moves when I walk. ^_^

Oh, and behold my amazing skull scarf! THRIFTED! ^_^ I got this last May but I never got around to blogging about it here. This scarf is actually a lucky charm for me! This is the scarf I wore when I took the exams and interviews at this huge advertising company. After just a few days, I was notified that I passed and was up for a final interview. And I ended up getting hired sooner than I expected! So that's how special this scarf is for me!

BTW I tried 2 different looks for this outfit! Which do you prefer? Hair & scarf DOWN? Or Hair and scarf UP?


  1. are those calledd gaucho pants? I remember owning a pair a couple yrs ago, it was like wearing a maxi skirt, so comfy!

  2. I totally thought you were wearing a maxi skirt! :) love that scarf!

    I awarded you the best blog award, check it out on my blog! :)


  3. Hair and scarf up! Love the wide legged pants. Thought they were maxis!

    x sPam of frou-frou

  4. such a pretty outfit girl:) so simple, yet so chic.

  5. I also love thrifting =) hihihi am a new follower here, hope you could visit my blog too

  6. Great outfit.
    And I prefer hair down!


  7. You look great in this outfit, the maxi length suits you! :) love the sunnies too~

  8. ohh I really like the skull scarf, nice that it's thrifted i want to get one too but the alexander mcqueen skull scarf is like 300 bucks... need to find myself a thrifted one too!

  9. love it! so beautiful

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    Have a great day!

  10. Very cute and suits you perfectly :)


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