Like a boss

Leather jacket - thrifted
Guns n' Roses T-Shirt - Divisoria
Jeans - Lee
Sneakers - Converse

I wore my badass leather jacket to work today! And I think I'm gonna wear it again tomorrow cuz I love how it keeps me warm when the aircon gets too cold. I get cold easily that's why I have TONS of jackets in my closet...which is why I love my office right now because it gives me a valid reason to own a shitload of jackets! Haha


  1. love the tee so cool! love that leather jacket too! :)

  2. love that jacket and the fact that it has leopard print lining just makes it better!

  3. Great outfit and photos! I love your top and your jeans! xxxx

  4. you look great and that is a PERFECT leather jacket :)

  5. cute outfit!:) love the shirt from Divisoria nikki! :) i am just wondering if you use flash when taking outfit photos indoor? :)


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