Lazy Daze

Shirt - DV
Acid wash leggings - Thrifted
Long pink socks - DV
Doc Martens - Thrifted

Sorry for the massive lack of updates! I've just been very busy at work that when I get home, all I wanna do is stare in front of the pc and read stuff. I've been too lazy these past few days, and I blame it on the perfect weather! So that's why I wore my DMs for 2 days straight and luckily, I have convinced myself to take outfit shots this afternoon. ^_^

BTW, I'm thinking of changing the name of this blog - including its url. I'm not moving, of course. I just realized that Blogger actually lets users change their urls anytime they want to (just like Tumblr) and I've been thinking of changing this blog's name too. Watcha think?


  1. love your DC! and i love how you paired them with those bright socks! :)

  2. im always thinking of changing my blog name, but i can't think of anything better! if you think of something you really love then do it (:

  3. thrifted docs? luckyy. they look great with the socks, and great with the tee!


  4. Cute top!


  5. I love these photos, love the quality. Awesome. xxx


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