White top - Divisoria
Floral shorts disguised as a skirt - Thrifted
Tights and socks - Divisoria
Doc Martens - Thrifted
Bag - Hand-me-down from my Tita

Wassup everyone? I'm here in the province for the weekend. It's been great so far! My awesome, genius dog Junjun was so happy to see me again after 6 weeks of being apart! We also had the ultimate spa experience yesterday, had facials and body scrub and a full body massage! We'll be going back to the city tonight! :( Kinda sad but at least now, I'm ready for another round of my 9-5 routine.

BTW, this is what i wore to work last Thursday when it was raining so hard in Manila, classes were suspended! I was waiting for work to be suspended but I realized I'm no highschool kid anymore. Ugh, these are the days when I actually wish I was still in school! Haha

PS: Sorry for the very haggard look. I have no idea why I look that stressed either. I'm not even stressed at all! Haha

Oh and one last thing, here's a sneak peek at my latest thrifted treasure: A BROWN LEATHER JACKET!!!! So amazing!


  1. i love the combination of the kick-ass and girly look! you nailed it so well! :)

  2. lovely outfit <3
    i love your nail , so cute >_<


  3. love the skirtxx please check out my blog i followed you as well :)

  4. cool dm's! love it!

  5. love the boots! show more pics of your thrifted jacket :)


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