i'm not dead

Pink cardigan - thrifted | Top - DIY | Jeans - Bench | Sneakers - Converse

I am very much alive! I've officially risen from the dead and so does this blog of mine. After more than a year of wasting time, I am so happy to announce that I finally got my life back on track!

I got a new job! But I'm not going to give too much information on this awesome new job of mine. All I can say is I'm gonna be doing what I've been doing for a long time now, but this time, get paid for it. Yes, I'm gonna be a web content writer from this day forward! HAHA

Today was my first day at my new job and we'd be training for a week or two before we officially start "working". And this is what I wore. T'was pretty laidback as you can see and it's because I didn't want to shock people with what I'm wearing on my first day as a trainee. LOL.  I'm not an attention whore ya know. Haha. I just wanted to wear something as cute but comfortable. ^__^

Best news:  I'm totally going to be blogging more than ever!!! Hurray!!! Whoever said this blog is about to face its doomsday didn't see Superniknok coming! I'm back bitchezzz. You know you love it. XX

Bad news: My pink wall is gone. Because I'm back in the city, I won't be able to take my beautiful photos against a neat wall anymore.  So forgive me for the poor photos and that fugly blue wall. I can't find a new spot to take outfit shots on so I settled for this blue wall in our room. You'll get used to it though. Change is good after all.


  1. Welcome back. x

    I'm 5'1", which makes maxi lengths very scary for me too - but I love them! Try it, you'll get addicted. Haha.

    Love your DIY shirt! <3

  2. hey superniknok! lol..actually, that blue wall compliments your sporty ensemble! don't hate it coz it's a wall with a"character" hehe..pls visit my blog if you can..i just posted something..kisses!

    p.s im a new follower!


    hope you follow back! cheers!

  3. thanks for following my blog! :) it means alot to me xox Christine :D btw your blog is cute!


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