goons and zebras

thrifted zebra top, thrifted & DIY studded shorts and THRIFTED LEATHER BIKER JACKET!

I am pretty much A LEGEND at thrift shopping. Any attempt at debate would only fail [epically] because any argument would be invalid. It's a fact that cannot be changed no matter what. HAHA

What am I even talking about here? Sorry for the smug intro. It's just, my amazing leather biker jacket looks so perfect. My boyfriend said I look like a goon when he saw these photos. HAHA. I got it from a neighborhood thriftshop yesterday after deciding not to go to the Bloggers United event in Ortigas because the weather was freaking the shit out of me.

I feel so bad not being able to come to the B.U. event because I've been seriously deciding on it the entire week but after seeing how dark the skies were when I got out of work this afternoon made me think of ditching and going home instead because the thought of getting stuck in horrible traffic that's as heavy as the rain already freaks me out!

So yeah, goodbye to yet another wasted opportunity to meet and make new friends. I am such a loser.  But then again, looking at the brighter side, at least I found a supercool leather jacket from a thriftshop and it's perfect for my new office cuz it looks like a hugeass freezer! Not to mention I got it for a sweet price, and it looks literally flawless, so that already makes my loser status null and void now, right? I'm not a loser after all! Ha!

So there. I really have nothing more to say so...toodles! XX


  1. it's okay!marami pang events! I really want to meet you! coz you know what, I love thrift shopping too and almost my entire clothes are thrifted!plus i thrifted a leather jacket too perfect for the rainy weather eh?! I love your leather jacket and the zebra printed top! and not to forget the ribbon around your hairbun! haha!

  2. @DENISE - We should totally go thrift shopping together one of these days!!! hehe

  3. Great photos! Love your shorts! xxx

  4. wow, i love the jacket! looks good on you.

    love, may

  5. Great style! you look so cool.

  6. The jacket is SO amazing! I want it, haha! The shirt is beautiful!


  7. ooooh i looove the jacket!!

  8. this is an adorable look! really loving it all together

  9. i LOVE the leather jacket!
    i can't get over the fact that u found it at a thrift store!
    also don't stress yourself out about the B.U. meet, i'm sure there'll be plenty more such opportunities!

  10. Awesome thrift find! I never have such luck at thrift stores maybe cause I lose patience after awhile

  11. that jacket is insanely cool! love how you've topped it off with the girly bow in your hair - so unexpected and perfect!

    sorelle in style

  12. gah, I'm the worst at making new friends. ha. you look amazing, you really do have awesome thrifting skills!


  13. hey dom! love your zebra top and that "kickass" for always visiting my site and do invite me if ever merong events ulit for bloggers coz never pko nakakaatend ng mga long have you been blogging? ako more than a month pa lang so medyo "testing the waters" pa drama ko now..haha!

  14. I love shopping at thrift stores. So many people find it dirty but you find the best one of a kind pieces there. Nice jacket. WERK!

    All the best, Angel

  15. animal print and leather, doesn't get any better.


  16. Nice blog.
    If you want, you follow me.
    I'll follow you too :)

    Alla moda e con stile

  17. Your hair is so pretty when it's tied up, and the bow is awesome too x

  18. GAAAH! You're such a thrift monster! galing niyo po ate! hands down! You should be ukayqueen's sidekick! Awzm!


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