Getting ready for The Party!

If you've been reading my blog for a long time, then you already know that I am addicted to the Korean girlgroup 2NE1. Last March, when I heard the news that they're coming to Manila for a concert, I knew I had to get my ass out of the province, look for a new job so I can buy my own ticket and see the show.

Lucky me, I found a job after only 2 weeks of intense jobhunting and today, I just bought a ticket to their concert this coming Saturday (June 4, 2011) dubbed as The Party!
Now, I am seriously planning out my outfit for that night when I would finally get to watch my favorite girls perform live!!!

I was thinking of an outfit inspired by the music video of their latest single "Lonely". This video became popular not only because it was their comeback single and they sang a ballad instead of their usual upbeat songs, but also because they wore insanely expensive clothes in it! *ahem* BALMAIN *ahem*

If you've also been a reader of my blog, you would know that I'm a huge fan of anything Balmain. And can you just imagine how happy I was when I saw this video and noticed that the girls were all rocking Balmain?

Last January, I blogged about the Balmain Spring 2011 RTW collection and how I loved every single piece in it and just a few months after, my favorite Korean girls come back on the music scene wearing the most badass Balmain creations!!!

I guess it goes without saying that one of the many reasons why I love 2ne1 is their FASHION. They have amazing style. They're actually the only K-Pop girlgroup I know who doesn't wear uniforms in all their music videos and live performances--and that makes them stand out from all the rest.

Aside from their cool music [regardless of how lost in translation I usually am when I'm listening to them], these girls are always oozing with attitude and swagger and spunk! ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Now, how the hell can I not love that? I have always had a thing for the badass and these girls definitely know how to own it!

So, that's why I am so excited to see them on Saturday---and why I have to get outta here now because I'm gonna start searching my closet for badass outfits to wear to The Party!!!

Toodles! XX


  1. wow they look so edgy in balmain :)

  2. Great photos. Have fun going to see 2NE1 live.


  3. i'm impressed by your writing style! cool photos, too!


  4. OMG SOOOO JELOUS! JK but your soooo lucky to be going,omg i love 2ne1,to bad i live in Canada :( hope you have a kick ass time!

  5. SARAH: Thank yoU! I will!

    BIANCA: Thank you for commenting on my writing style! I appreciate it so much!

    CHRISTINE: Aawww it's okay! Who knows? They just might invade Canada once of these days!!


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