floral & mustard part 2

SM Dept. Store mustard cardigan, Topshop floral top(minidress), Forever21 jeans
Dorothy Perkins T-strap flats & Divisoria bag

This is what I wore to work/training today because I've been dressing up like Avril Lavigne sans the multicolor hair on the first 3 days of my training at my new job and it was getting repetitive so I kinda took a break from my "punk princess" outfits and decided to be a little girly today. ^_^

BTW I'm thinking if I should go to the BLOGGERS UNITED event tomorrow. I've been reading about this for the past few weeks and I'd really love to go but I'm kinda shy to go there alone. *sob*

Poor little me. I wish I had a friend I can go there with---but I don't even have "friends" to begin with! HAHA

Ok I was kidding. I do have a few friends, although my closest friends are my cousins (shame), but none of them are as into fashion as I am. So yeah, I guess I should just go. I'm not gonna miss the chance of seeing Manila's most fashionable in just one event! And who knows? I just might meet new friends there - and this time, friends that are as obsessed with fashion as I am! Wee! I'm excited! ^_^

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  1. ohh, i think you should go to the event! it'll be fun, and there'll be loads of people who've gone on their own (: (ps, love the colour of your cardi!)


  2. Nice.;)


  3. YOu have such a cool style. So comfy. I like that!



  4. your jeans are super awesome:) fits you well!

  5. def go to the event! it will be fun! and love the florals!

    love from San Francisco,

  6. see your there babe! I am coming at around 12-1pm! I want to be friends with you! :) I hope to see you there! :)

  7. I love your outfit ^^
    You looks Stunning :DD
    I think you should go to that event ,It looks nice ;)

    Have a nice weekend ^^


  8. Cute top.. I like that it is floral but against black as opposed to white or some light color..

    All the best, Angel

  9. wow that mustard colour really picks this outfit up !

  10. You are so cute! Great blog!!!



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