I'm only 5 ft. short/tall but my height doesn't really bother me because I've always believed that my petite frame makes me look...wait for this - CUTE -- [LOL] and way younger than I really am. There are even times when highschool boys would hit on me thinking I'm just another highschool girl who's in the same age bracket as they are.

I have accepted my massive lacking in the height department a long time ago and I do not wish to change it even if science finds a way to stretch people's legs to lengths like those of models.

The only problem I have with my height right now is that I'm scared to wear maxi skirts in fear I might end up looking like a kid playing dress up with her mom's clothes! But then again, why am I even stressing out on the maxi dresses and skirts issue when Nicole Ritchie and The Olsen Twins are all petite / short girls who ALWAYS look marvelous even in the longest dresses and skirts!

So yeah, I've finally decided to dare myself to wear maxi skirts! And here are a few looks I got from Lookbook.nu that really inspired me to give it a try!

Don't they all look perfect in those maxi skirts? Damn I'm so excited to try this look and hopefully I could pull it off just like the way they all did!

All photos from Lookbook.nu ♥
You can click on the names below the photos to check out these girls' LB pages.


  1. thanks for sweet comment! I've been dying for a maxi skirt for the pass few months its all in the way you wear it, def. a crop top. I'm 5'2" and when I'm out ppl think I'm 16 I got carded for the movies and lottery tickets...I feel your pain! :) just remember to hem the maxi skirt and wear some cute wedges :)

  2. I love maxi's, just bought myself another maxi skirt today!


  3. AGREE! Maxis are pretty but so far I haven't worn them a lot because I am kinda short :((


  4. i love maxi skirts!! but they can be a little difficult to wear if you're short (like me), so i usually pair them with hiiiigh wedges



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