look alive, sunshine

Aviators from Quiapo, Thrifted vest, DIY top & thrifted skirt

So I am back from the dead! What's up everyone? Well if you ask what's up with me, I won't be able to find a way to start so lemme just break it down in bullets:
  • I just finished the video editing project that kept me busy for almost 3 weeks
  • I am once again spending my days doing absolutely nothing [productive]
  • #2 is because I am all over Tumblr like 24/7 so if you miss me, you can always drop by my fashion Tumblr PRETTY OVERLOAD or my personal blog CRAZY BITCH DIARIES hihi
  • I am going back to the city next week to start a "new life"
  • And by "new life", I meant getting a new job, meeting new people & making new adventures which is really exciting because that only means I finally have a reason to dress up everyday and buy new clothes and shit. But seriously, I really wanna get super duper fucking serious in fashion blogging, so wish me luck?! :) Cheers to new beginnings!
PS: Believe it or not I'm trying my best to update this blog but the weather these days has been very unfriendly so I couldn't get myself in the mood to take new photos. So that's all for now guys, toodles! xx


  1. Your style's awesome! Your skirt is awesome!

  2. Cool look)*I like it)*
    I wait you on my blog


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