three's never a crowd

Be careful what you wish for, cuz you just might get it.

I can't be any more convinced that this quote is so darn true.

I wished for a badass black biker jacket and I got it! Not just one, not just two but THREE of it! I scored these three awesome badass biker jackets made of three different fabrics!

The first one looks like leather but it's not! The second one is made out of cotton with a bit of shimmery stuff in it (sorry I have no education whatsoever when it comes to the different kinds of fabrics) and the last one's made of denim--and it looks a bit acid washed!

But wait! There's more! You haven't heard the best part yet! THEY'RE ALL THRIFTED!

Haha if you could only see the hugeass smug smile on my face right now. I'm so happy happy happy that I got them all for an unbelievably cheap price!

I'm so freakin proud of myself. I'm like, the ultimate Queen of Cheap! I am undeniably a thrifting legend! lol.

PS: I noticed 90% of the sentences in this entry ends with an exclamation mark (!). Please don't think I'm yelling at you (haha) I'm just really really happy!

That's all thank you.



  1. Those jackets are amazing! I can't believe they're all thrifted! :O

  2. There's nothing like the feeling of thrifting great bargains that make it so worth the hassle of finding. x

  3. You're really the best at thrifting, Niknok! :)

    Speaking of thrifted stuff, join my giveaway, will you? :)


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