A Hairy Tale

Once upon a time, I had long straight brown hair. But I got bored with it and wished I had curls instead....

So I curled it. And I loved it. I wanted it to stay that way forever...

But I noticed how damaged the ends already were...I was disgusted and decided to cut them off...

I wanted a Hayley Williams layers and Saab Magalona's wavy hair but my hair's too thin and straight so I didn't get the look that I want... Frustrated (and wanted to kill myself for my stupid decision), I looked for ways to style my short hair [to keep my mind off suicide] while waiting for it to grow back to it's perfect length..

So I thought, why not copy Blair Waldorf of Clara del Valle? Hence, this medium length curls!

Then I wore nerdy glasses and now I feel like a member of a K-pop girlgroup! haha

So there you go, the major changes my dear hair went through in just a matter of 3 days. I still can't believe I had my hair cut just like that when I didn't let anyone touch it for almost 3 years! Oh well, change is good. And I'm loving my new hair! :P Can't wait to take new outfit photos with it! ^_^


  1. I have long brown curly locks and used to wish for straight hair but now that waves are in I learned to embrace my chaotic curls. You look dashing.

  2. The first and last hairstyle are my fav!! Im just saying...

  3. hi! i like the color of your hair. ;D what color is that? i wanna try it.=)

  4. hi! i like the color of your hair. =) what color is it? i wanna try it too hehe.

  5. nice new hairstyle! lovely blog :)

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x


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