v day and the prom

A silly candle-lighting ceremony which I really don't get. They did so many unnecessary rituals that night--and it's super freakin boring! Aren't they supposed to be dancing the night away?

My cousin Jamille & Me

Me and Seph

February 14, 2011 Valentines Day - a day when desperate single girls buy roses for themselves and pretend it was given to them by their Imaginary Secret Admirers. hahahahaha I'm not being mean, I'm just saying the truth. We've got lots of those girls here in the Philippines and I'm proud to say I was never like them. Ever!

Okay so...It was my cousin's prom. I did her hair, make up and pretty much her whole look for that night. As you can see they had some sort of color coding for the prom wherein the Juniors must wear RED and the Seniors get to wear BLACK. Thank God my cousin's a senior so it was so much easier for me to dress her up in black instead of red because she has dark skin.

One super awesome thing about this project of mine is that the whole look didn't cost that much because I lent her everything--my black Forever 21 dress, my bejeweled headband, and my rings and bracelets. Her necklace and the satin bow belt was DIYed by mois and her heels were borrowed from our other cousin cuz we don't have the same size in shoes. And then I realized just what would my cousin do without me? Haha

And of course, because I'm such a "Stage Sister", I watched the prom and saw a shitload of fashion victims and baby prostitutes. Yes my darlings, it is really sad but the way I saw it in my cousin's prom, I can say that fashion hasn't been invented yet in this little town of ours. I mean just look at how different my cousin looks from everyone else? LOL.

I'm not being biased at all and I think it's pretty obvious that she was the prettiest girl in that prom--and she didn't even have to try so hard. She was able to pull off that little black dress without looking like a skank. And her Taylor Swift-inspired curls and Jenny Humphrey-esque headband really looked sassy!:P *clap clap clap!!* Haha

Not to mention she was also able to deliver her Opening Remarks (which I wrote for her BTW) so much better than anyone else who stood on that stage that night. Oh well, I just can't help but be proud of myself. Tell me I'm awesome? LOL. Just kidding.

To my cousin's schoolmates, who wore super skimpy hooker clothes that night, who I also hope gets to read this blog: Sorry kids, but the prom is not supposed to look like a strip club. Save those slutty outfits and stripper moves for your first job in case you don't finish college. Mmmmmkay?

Now let's move on to the best part of the day:  My dear boyfriend Seph showed up out of nowhere! I swear I had no idea he was gunna show up, I thought he was busy at work! But then he was there! Yiiiii! He didn't give me flowers (lol) but that's because I've told him many times that I don't ever want to receive flowers from him on Valentines day because I find it embarrassing walking around holding a stupid bouquet of flowers as if I'm some kinda beauty queen. He knows that I'm only going to throw it away so.. .my boyfriend is obedient like that. Heehee

PS: Don't ask me why I had to stick out my tounge like that on the last two photos. I don't know either. I must be really really tired and---that's what my dog Junjun does when he's tired?!

Belated Happy Heart's Day everyone!


  1. You look soo cute!! Love your pictures!
    Xoxo, K.

  2. Wow you look beautiful! I love your dress! xxxx


  3. So cute pictures

  4. You're so sweet,lovely pics!Follow me,if you like,on http://themissidea.blogspot.com/!


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