This day has been crazy! I went out this morning to ship some packages and run some errands for my dear mother. And guess what? I lost the money my mother gave me to buy groceries! It's a thousand bucks y'all! It's not just a small amount! :( Of course, I freaked out. I texted my boyfriend and my cousin and a friend who's in the area to help me out...and the hero who saved my day was *drum roll* the boyfriend! HAHA. It's been long since the last time he saved my ass from trouble! (Thanks so much bebeboi!) So while I was waiting for the money he's gonna lend me to replace the one I lost, I went to a thriftshop and started checking out every rack. I wasn't planning to buy anything at all--I lost a thousand bucks already, remember? And I'd have to pay the boyfriend back one of these days so I can't possibly be spending anything right now. But when these things are in front of you, up for grabs for a very sweet price, aren't you gonna give in to the urge of buying them and take them to a place where they truly belong--a.k.a. your closet?? To make the long story short, I bought them. So everyone, behold my very first thrifted treasures for 2011! (I actually saw a whole lot more of cool clothes at the thriftshop but I think they can wait! I'll go back there this weekend and if they're still on the racks, it only means they were meant to be mine :)

I know I should be ranting for the money I lost...but how can I be a little whiny bitch right now when my closet has new friends? How can I go complaining about how unfair life is for losing One Thousand Pesos when my dearest blog has already reached 101 followers? How can I just mope around the corner and keep on thinking about how careless I have been when one fierce and fabulous fashion blogger featured me on his blog?

So instead of being consumed by negative thoughts, I'd rather thank the following people:
  • My boyfriend: for saving me today and for always being ready to save me everyday!
  • My 101 followers: this blog wouldn't keep on running without the people who have been very appreciative of the stuff I do. I couldn't thank y'all enough! I love my followers and readers sooooo much!
  • Jeroy of House of Jeroy: Thanks so much for the fashionista feature! The fact that I happened to be one of the many chic peeps you wanna feature on your blog already means a lot! xoxo
Now tell me, am I lucky or not? ^.^


  1. yay for your boyfriend rescuing you! :) the shirts are amazing! i hope the ones you left behind would still be there this weekend :)


  2. I think your thrift buys are great!:) and your boyfriend is sweet!:)

  3. Great find btw, love the black top. Sorry about the money lost, good thing your bf came to the rescue. You never know, the money might turn up somewhere hehehe. While cleaning my purses last week, I found 20 bucks in the pocket, I'm like "Wow! But it'll be more awesome if it's $100!" haha but, I was thankful anyway. lol=P

  4. I love the first t-shirt! U're so lucky!

    pls check out my blog

  5. sorry you lost all that money. but i think you got some pretty good finds. especially that first one - its amazing! youre blog is really cool! hope you'll come by ours and let us know what you think :]

    we'll be back to visit you soon!
    xo, camilla & valerie


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