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Damn, I can't believe we're almost done with the first month of 2011! Oh my, I can see myself being the personification of the word BUSY in the coming days. February is going to be one hell of a hectic month! I have a strong feeling I'd pass out in the middle of everthing and wake up in March--but March would be just as hectic and I'd probably die right then and there. LOL. Ignore the exaggeration. I just wanna share my February 2011 in bullets:
  • cousin's oration contest (I'mma write her winning speech. Haha)
  • cousin's prom (I'm in charge of her hair, make-up and her whole outfit. wtf. as if I could possibly let someone else do it?! no way!)
  • my birthday (i've honestly no plans for it.)
  • a court hearing (something to do with my name)
  • taylor swift live in manila (i am not going to miss it!!!)
  • lovechild vintage stuff (haven't even shopped for new collections! argh!)
  • a new job (cuz bumming time is over & i must get my ass back to REAL work.)
It doesn't look much in bullets but believe me, for someone who has been bumming for the past 11 months, this is already too much! So yeah. That's all thank you.

But before I go, I'm leaving you with a photo of my biggest girlcrush ever ever ever infinity ever, Sandara Park of the Korean girlgroup 2ne1, in an outfit that I couldn't get out of my mind since the first time I saw it! Oh! The unimaginable things I am willing to do to be able to copy that look! It is so so so so kyooooooooooooot!!!


  1. this post is very nice!!!
    ah!!! follow u of course!!=D

  2. Younger cousins/siblings are so lucky to have us, don't you think? They don't have to go to the salon anymore. Haha. And oh, I love how Sandara Park evolved, seriously. I love 2NE1! They're so fashown! :)


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