i love you, goodbye

Forgive me for the over dramatic title of this post. It's just so damn hard to let go of things you love so much! Like these hot pairs of super short short shorts that I've been wearing for as long as I can remember. I loved them all no matter how worn out and distressed they might look. I've intentionally ripped them, poked studs on them and wore them religiously. I just never thought there would actually come a day when I won't be able to fit my ass on them. :( Do you know what its like to not fit on your favorite pair of short shorts anymore? It's freakin sad I tell you. And it hurts everytime I look at them and think I might not be able to wear them ever again because I've been trying to shed a few pounds but it just doesn't seem to be working. :( So I guess this is the part where I make use of cliche's: "If you love someone/something, let it go." These babies will be up for sale on my online shop, Lovechild Vintage, in a couple of hours from now! ^_^


  1. OOh, Yum! I love the studs!

    Off to check out your shop!

  2. love the shorts!!:) if only i weren't broke :( yes, i feel the same. i had to let go of some of my shorts/pants after i gave birth cos my hips grew :(

  3. thats rite ,so hard to let go for amazing short like this.
    i love these short to,because short make us comfy rite :)

  4. I love the shorts! I love the studs!


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