Let's get studded!

Hey guys! I'm back from my mini-blog-leave! Although I might be going on a major one in the coming weeks--which is a total bummer and something so hard for me to do because I've got loads of new stuff to show y'all. :(

Anyway, my cousin and I went out for groceries yesterday and I saw this thriftshop on SALE! LOL. To be honest, I am sometimes shocked at how freakin cheap I am to be literally jumping for joy when a thriftshop goes on sale! As if their stuff weren't cheap enough? hihi

You guys would congratulate me for the stuff I found! I got a black blazer with pointed shoulders that reminds me a lot of those badass Balmain blazers! (Weee! It's so gorgeous I swear!) I also got a cute floral mini-dress and a grunge-y top but I'm gonna have to blog about them separately!

So that's why I dropped by today to share one of my latest thrifted find that I revamped with a little DIY project!

I got this cute denim vest from yesterday's quick visit to a thriftshop on sale. Don't you think it looks a little boring? Well, I did...that's why I came up with a not-so-unique idea...but a supercool one nonetheless. ^_^


You know what? I think I will never get over studs the way I would never ever get over leopard prints. Studs are one of my favorite things on Earth!

I stayed up late for this DIY project and because I'm a lazyass and a sleepyhead, I decided not to put the studs in proper alignment. I thought, if they don't come out properly lined up, I'm gonna get all pissy and abort the mission. So, to keep things simple, I just randomly poked those wittle studs on each sides of the vest and...


From OH-SO-BORING to NOT-SO-BORING-ANYMORE....BADASS even! :P Oh how I love the way studs give an instant "woah" factor to something plain and simple. I can't wait to wear my new vest and show y'all how it looks on me!

So what do you guys think? Are the studs too much or just enough? Do you think it'll look better in proper alignment or do they look fine in a mess? I'd really love to hear from all of yoU! ^__^


  1. i LOVE!!!
    Ang ganda ng effect, totally transformed the plain vest,=)

  2. Great, it's amazing how you've done it yourself.xox


  3. this is cute. great diy project!


  4. i'll definitely be coming back for sure!
    love your awesome blog, keep it up!
    come visit the new and improved COSMICaroline!


  5. good job! they're great the way they are :) They don't look "out of alignment" at all! ...where did you get studs?? i'm inspired hehe :D

  6. Amazing DIY, you did a good job. :)

    Would love to see your purchases, the Balmain-esque blazer sounds divine.


  7. Girls! Thank you all for your comments!!!

    BAMBA: I bought a punk belt and took off the studs and put them on my vest! hihihi

    JESS: I cannot believe my eyes when I saw your name on my comment box! I'm your HUGE-est fan everr!!!!!!!!!

  8. i am in awe! i do a little DIY but nothing like this!:) pretty!

  9. I'm so jealous! I can't believe you did that yourself. x

  10. I so love what you did whit that :) Can I borrow your for some days to pimp up my clothes? :)) M.

  11. very creative . i love the studs it makes the denim vest mpre attractive . TWO THUMBS UP :) following you . hope you could return me the favor . take care .



  12. i've been wanting to do this badly...but can't find these studs!
    your vest looks great.


  13. Hey! Just wanted to share I found some studs at Carlolina's :) ...they didn't have any in silver though. I bought some in bronze and dark shiny gray. they're around 4php a piece for the bigger ones.


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