God Save Gothic Barbie

Taylor Momsen is starting to scare the shit out of me. I mean, I know, I've said before that I have unconditional love for her but after seing THIS PHOTO of her in THAT OUTFIT and THAT MAKEUP?
I... don't... even...

Seriously, what the hell happened to her? Have I been away for too long? The last time I checked Taylor-momsen.net, looking for cool inspirational outfits, I couldn't decide which photos of her to save and which looks to copy cuz I loved every single thing she wore!

But now, I can barely choose a decent photo. You know, a photo where she doesn't look like a Dead Gothic Barbie or a wicked teenage witch whore? All her looks from the last few months were just completely questionable. She only looked good on some of the magazine scans but of course that's because someone else had styled her for those shoots. I'm talking of her candids, stuff she wore to places she went to and shows she had with her band--outfits she'd put together herself. But I couldn't find anything nice anymore! Everything just looked wrong.

I understand she's all rock and roll right now but is it mandatory for rock chicks to look...I don't know...a walking corpse? The devil's underage mistress? Frankenstein's evil baby sister? I just don't get that dog collar, red eye make up and black lipstick. She's been looking like she's on a halloween parade every day and I don't understand why! Christmas is coming! Why doesn't she smile anymore?

And why the fuck does she have to wear that hideous black leather collar-like thing on her neck like a freakin' dog? UGH. I'm sorry for over reacting but it just makes no sense to me at all. Isn't she leading a charmed life? Being on Gossip Girl, and fronting an awesome rock band, and having so many girls look up to her and her once-upon-a-time amazing style?

It's just sad and devastating because I loved her! I used to really really love her! But now, I don't know. This girl is like a disease. More like, cancer--getting uglier by the day. Tragic. Very very tragic.

Oh my. Let's all gather and pray for Taylor Momsen's quick recovery from trainwreck-hood.
Okay, I'm done. But just because I'm dissing Taylor tonight doesn't mean I'd hate her for the rest of my life. Who knows? Maybe this is just a phase? You know, teenagers go through stuff like this. PHASES. I myself went through a hiphop phase, wearing baggy jeans and tiny tops that shows off my hipbones. And then I went to skater/punk phase too when I tried so hard to be a clone of Avril Lavigne back in highschool and in my early days at college!

So I say, let's not close our hearts to Taylor Momsen yet, yeah? One of these days, she might wake up and realize that acting and dressing up like a zombie prostitute doesn't look cool anymore--and she might actually go back to being cool and start practicing the act of smiling again. ^__^


  1. I absolutely love her hair, but that outfit makes her look like a cheap hooker..

    Loved her when she dressed fashionably!

    Love your blog!



  2. I like her better when she was adorbs school girl little j. :)

  3. Yea...she's way to young to be wearing those kind of clothes, and frankly it seems like shes crying out for attention...if you see the back of the outfit its eve nwrose...shes like wearing just a thong... =.=;;

  4. you've got a very inspiring blog! I am following you! You might follow back if you wish! It would be great! Kisses!


  5. It's time for her to get a new stylist! Yung sa Season 2 ng GG, okay pa e kahit na heavy eyeliner siya palagi. Kasi mukhang siyang fresh. Now, parang mukha na talaga siyang dry na ewan. :(

    But I'm not losing hope. I love her. I started to love her nung Season 2. Kasi I think she helped me find my true style.

    Let's pray for her. :)

  6. I kind of agree, but I guess she's a teen and everyone has their things that they go through...

  7. She used to look so great. I really loved her in the earlier seasons of Gossip Girl. Now she just looks like a drug-induced panda. This is what you get when you rob children of their childhood.


  8. Thank you guys for all the comments! And I agree with y'all! She looked way better in the early GG days! But then again, maybe this is just a phase that she's going through as a teenager! So I guess it's best we just all pray for her! :)

  9. Beautiful blog :))))



  10. i do feel the same for taylor momsen. I saw here as an inspiration but now, however she's getting...a little too much 0___0
    but I still love her! she still could be changed <3
    PS Thanks for ur favor, gorgeus lady!xoxo

  11. Totally agreeing with you on this one. What is up with her? XD I know black and studs and all are in but... I... what... can't even explain this.

    What a mess!

    And btw, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! It's really keeping me inspired <3 Following you here and on tumblr :)

    sPam of frou-frou

  12. You're soo right
    I loved her style and all too but this is getting crazy:S

    btw very cool blog^^

  13. I like her in GG back then. I don't know what's happening to her now too :| scary photo indeed.

  14. I know right :(
    She was my favorite character in Gossip Girl. She was so innocent so cute.
    Someone turned her into a moody vampire!


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