Christmas Eve

This was last Christmas Eve (December 24, 2010) when my family had our yearly Christmas party and exchange gifts where everyone gives gifts to everyone! It's just ironic that we took loads of photos that night yet I didn't get to take a decent outfit photo for my blog. Oh my.

But I have two excuses for that:

1. I was the official photographer! ^_^ See my camera hanging on my neck? There. And now I know why it sucks to be in charge of photos on fun times like this--you don't get to be in any of the photos you take! Unless you're not as lazy as I am to set up the tripod and use self-timer and if there's someone else also taking pictures and you have to take every chance you get whenever that other person decides to take her shots! Haha

2. I was way too busy having fun! I tend to forget a lot of things when I'm too happy. First, I forgot to wear my DMs cuz I was too excited to go to my grandmother's place (where all the fun happens) and then I forgot to take a picture of my little black velvet dress! :P

Well, I'm not really pissed about not being able to take an outfit shot considering it's my first time to wear that black velvet Forever21 dress I got last November. Besides, I wasn't even as dressed up as I have planned. I mean, look at my silly polar bear hat?! Haha I was wearing a flower headband earlier that night but when I saw my cousins wear their stuffed animal headgears, I decided to wear mine too! :P

So, there you go. My fun fun fun Christmas Eve in photos! Christmas Eve is definitely my favorite time of the year! Yes, I love it even more than my own birthday! And no, not just because of the food, the gifts and the fun but because of the people I'm with. My family. It's that time of the year when I thank God that I'm celebrating another Christmas and starting another year with them. It doesn't even matter how much food and gifts we had because the fact that we're together is already more than enough. :)

Hope you guys had a blast too! :P


  1. haha i love how all of you have the same hat!
    great blog

  2. looks like you had an amazing christmas eve ;)
    amazing blog!

  3. ice bear hat party :)<3 great pictures

  4. Cute hats! Where'd you got them? :)

    Have a blastful New Year! :)

  5. adorable hats! i want one! happy new year xx

  6. aww you guys look so cute with your hats!:)


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