this halloween costume is so lame it doesn't even have a name

Top - Bought online from Beats For Fashion
Skirt - Thrifted
DMs - Thrifted
Devil headband - Thrifted (I'm THAT cheap, I even get my headbands from thriftshops haha)
Accessories - DIY

You should forgive me. I've never been to a halloween party before so this is the best Halloween-ish outfit I can come up with right now. LOL. Its just really lame in the sense that its not scary or outlandish at all--it doesn't even look like a costume. That's why I couldn't think of a name for it. What do you think should I call this look?

a.  Evil Teeny Bopper
b. An angel pretending to be a demon
c. A girl who's never been to a Halloween party before, she's completely clueless. LOL


  1. Thanks for following me, and i love your top and boots in this outfit :)
    I'm going to follow you x

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  3. Can I name your costume Devil Rock Child? haha I like the military boots!


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