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I really don't know where to start. Do I start by saying how freakin happy I was to receive my first ever award from a fellow blogger? Or by saying how excited I am for this post because I'm gonna show you some really cute pictures of me? Oh wow. I guess I don't need an introduction anymore so let's get down to business!

Before anything else, I wanna thank Denise of Simone's Fashion Closet for the "Fashionista Friend" award---it's my first and it's an honor! Now, she asked us [her awardees] to post a "fashionable" photo of ourselves when we were kids and another "fashionable" photo of ourselves today, and then write about how our style has changed over the years. So here it is:

THEN: Somewhere in the early 90's

I think my love for fashion started at a very young age. As a kid, I was ALWAYS conscious about what I'm wearing--not the brand or how much the clothes cost, but by how they look on me. I've always had this need to look pleasant TO MY EYES. For some reason, I just had to impress me. That's why I'd get really stressed out--actually, the term should be "depressed"--whenever my mother puts me in hideous clothes that I couldn't get out of no matter how bad I protest. *sob* Thank God I'm of legal age now to choose what and what not to wear.

NOW: Year 2010
Top - Thrifted
Denim cut-offs - Thrifted +DIY
Beanie - Khush

Aside from the difference in the sizes of clothes I wear, I don't really see anything that's changed when it comes to the way I dress. Like I've said before, I don't stick to a particular look. When I was a kid, I'd wear dresses with doll shoes and socks with ruffled lace on days when I feel girly, then I'd go for shorts or jumpers and cute sneakers when I'm not in the mood to act prim and proper.

My dresses and shorts may have gotten way too shorter now, I don't wear frilly socks anymore, and my hair today may resemble that of a skank's, but one thing remains the same--I'd wear anything as long as [I THINK] it looks good on me--regardless of how much it costs or how it almost doesn't cost anything at all. Haha

So there you go! Niknok Style THEN & NOW. Aside from my age, nothing much has really changed. I'm still that little girl who loves to play dress up, look pretty and smile at the camera!

Unfortunately, I don't know many bloggers to tag right now. Bummer, I know. But I just recently decided to get more serious in fashion blogging, and I'm still going around bloghopping, meeting other fab bloggers.

I'd love to give an award to so many blogs that I've fallen in love-at-first-visit with and have been reading non-stop recently but I'm not sure if they wouldn't mind being tagged or something--and the other bloggers I have on my mind have already been tagged. HUHU. Its a shame I didn't follow the rules but maybe next time?

So I guess this is it for now! Again, I wanna thank Denise for the award and the chance to share this to all of you! :P


  1. OMG! Nikki THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING IN MY TAG POST. I enjoyed reading this post! You are definitely a fab girl then and now! I admire you Nikki since then, I already know you 1 year ago. And I am always inspired with your outfits. They are all something I would want to try for myself.
    Goodluck on your endeavors!:)

    You may copy the award and post it on your side bar :)


  2. Hey denise! Thanks again! Yup I'm def. gonna put that award up in my blog! i'm just doing a little site revamp atm! Thanks again and till next time!


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