rings i desire!

I've just recently discovered the joy of wearing chunky rings--and the fun of wearing them all together in each hands. It's a bit heavy sometimes but, what the heck. I love 'em all so I'm gonna wear 'em all!

And because I'm just a newbie ring-wearer, here are the first few members of my growing ring collection.
Sorry for the blurry photo. (Apparently, I'm only good at taking pictures of myself and when it comes to other things [like these rings], I just really suck.) LOL.

From top: Forever 21 bow ring, Turquoise ring, gunmetal flat ring, Owl ring, Gold heart ring, another turquoise ring--all from Quiapo, LOVE two-finger ring from Forever21, Skull ring from Quiapo and a DIY black rose ring!

Right now, I'm so obssessed with two-finger rings! (FYI: That LOVE ring from Forever21 is not really my size but I bought it anyway cuz its the last piece already. Haha) Anyway, I made a Rings Wishlist for Christmas and here are some of the rings I am dying to have!!

Now the question is, where am I going to find all these fabulous finger candies in this coutry of ours? *sob*


  1. Me too! It's like, I'd rather buy rings kesa clothes! :)) Love F21's connector rings but they're always sold out na pag nagpupunta ako dun. :( Too bad. Yung LOVE ring, are they too big? Bilhin ko na lang! Haha! Check out Landmark. Daming magagandang rings dun. :)

  2. nice! im kinda into rings lately as well. im loving the 2-finger rings too!!

  3. I love rings! It's funny how something small can me feel sexy and rock n roll hahaha. I'm cheap so I bought mine from Quiapo and made my own ribbon and rose ring from polymer clay hehe


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