It hurts.

One of my biggest dreams is to wear a halloween costume and attend a Halloween party. Unfortunately, that dream hasn't come to life yet. Boooo!

I'm not losing hope though. I still wish that someday, when I'm in the right place at the right time (really?!), I will finally get to go to an awesome halloween party wearing an awesome halloween costume! But for now, I'm just gonna keep dreaming and looking for costume inspirations.

This year, I'm inspired by 2ne1's new music video, It Hurts. For those who don't know, 2ne1 is a Korean girl group that I love with all my heart because of their cool music and awesome personalities.

My favorite girl from the group stars in this gothic themed music video that speaks about the pain of losing the person you love and yet, you still keep your hopes up wishing he'd come back--even if a little part of your brain already keeps on telling you that he's gone for good.

What I loved the most about this MV is the theme. This is the first time I saw something dark, haunting and sad from 2ne1. As if the theme wasn't amazing enough,  Dara's acting was also superb! She can act so darn good even just with her eyes! Impressive!!! I couldn't help but feel so sad for her, it makes me wanna go there and give her a hug and help her comb her long frizzy unmanageable hair. LOL.

But seriously, I loved how the music video has a Tim Burton feel to it. Plus, Dara's house looks like Edward Scissorhands' house before he was found by Peg (Kim's mom) and brought him home. Edward Scissorhands is a classic favorite of mine so that explains why I loved this video--aside from the fact that it looks like a fashion editorial in motion!

And of course, this entry will not be complete without a round of applause (and a standing ovation) for the amazing girls of 2ne1. The vocals were superb and their gothic outfits were pure love~! My favorite girl Dara Park looked unbelievably beautiful even on a severe case of a really really bad hair day.

Oh, and how can I forget the other girls Bom, Cl and Minzy? Never thought turquoise hair would actually look so pretty until Park Bom rocked it!  CL also looked fierce! (As if there was a day CL never looked fierce??) Anyway, I'm not a fan of short super fly away hair but Minzy's not looking bad at all! I wish I could post their photos too but my slow internet connection won't allow me to. So I wanna thank for these amazing screencaps!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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