hats on!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been MIA. I just got back from the city yesterday--with lots of new stuff for my closet! :P I am so happy to say that I finally got the hat that I want!!! Lookie! Got it for only Php300 from Divisoria. ^__^

I also bought a couple of accessories from Forever21 and Quiapo--a headband, a pair of nerdy glasses, some necklaces and new rings to add to my collection! :P

Also got another pair of floral leggings and some high waisted shorts--both from Divisoria! Can't wait to wear 'em and post new oufits!!!

Sorry, this is the best photo I can show you guys right now. Like I said, I just got back and haven't found time to take decent photos so please ignore my obviously fake smile in here cuz I was tired as hell from shopping that day!


  1. omgosh i love your outfit posts so much i decided to follow :) hope you can do the same if you like mine :)


  2. nikki I gave you an award here:http://simonesfashioncloset.blogspot.com/2010/11/tagged-post-by-eunice.html

  3. i LOVE your blog! the post below is so gorgeous!! love your outfit!! im following you. i hope you can follow me back ^-^


  4. you are so nice :) i'm new on blogger :) from now i'm your follower :) if you want to follow me this is the url: http://martinathesolarflare.blogspot.com :D xoxo


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