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I'm officially hooked on Pretty Little Liars! I know it's lame that I'm raving about it just now but I just found a DVD last week and finally got to watch the first 10 episodes. Now, I am hung up and devastated because I have to wait until January 2011 before I get to see the next episodes!

I loved this show because of the mystery & suspense that keeps me up all night--I couldn't stop watching cuz I just had to know what's gonna happen next! The scandals also never failed to shock me. Very OMGWTF-inducing. Think Gossip Girl x Psycho. But how can I not notice? The fashion! I loved the fact that each character has their own distinctive style that goes perfectly with their different personalities.

My favorite character would have to be Hanna Marin. The only blonde girl in the group. It Girl. Queen Bee. She may  be naive and a little bitchy at times but she's the one who's never quick to judge. Think Regina George but with a really good HEART. She's the kind of friend I'd really love to have--and borrow lots of trendy clothes from! 

BUT, the character whose closet I'd love to raid the most is Aria Montgomery! This girl doesn't just have a hot teacher for a boyfriend (I love you Mr.Fitz!!!) , she's also got the perfect wardrobe (in my opinion)! I am always enchanted by everything she wears! Girly + Boho + Edgy = Definitely my dream look. She rocks dark hues and smoky eyes without looking like grunge/punk racoon. Flawless! Just perfect!

I am also in love with Spencer Hasting. She's the overachiever, the perfect daughter, and she always looks polished and proper. I'm not a huge fan of preppy overachieving girls but Spencer is definitely not a boring girl! And did I mention, she's also got amazing style!? Not a lot of girls can pull off boyfriend jeans and oxford shoes---menswear with a touch of femininity? Spencer rocks it so perfectly!

I'm sorry to say that Emily is my least favorite character; and I'm not diggin' her fashion sense either. I just really don't like her style. :)

Now I'm waiting in vain for the next episodes of Pretty Little Liars--and I'm definitely looking forward to more cool outfits from Aria, Hanna and Spencer! And hopefully Emily gets a style make over in the coming episodes? Just wishful thinking! 

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  1. I love this show too! I wasn't sure when my friend told me about it if I would like it but I was hooked too after I started watching it. My favorite character is Aria :) I love her style and her personality.


  2. i need to watch this, looks sooo gooood.

  3. I love Pretty Little Liars. I actually just wrote a post about the show and books. I just finished the book series. There are 8 of them. And if you think the show is good then you should totally read the books. So worth it. Oh and you will never guess who A is. You think you figure it out. but nope there is still so much more to go.

  4. I should start watching this show as everyone around me is raving about it! :)

    Love their styles though :)

  5. JACENDA: I love Aria's style too!

    IVY & SHARINA: Go for it! It's really fun to watch!

    MADELEINE: Thanks so much for the tip! I just downloaded all 8 PLL books because of what you said and I'm reading book #1 now and I'm lovin' it!!!


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