the best thing that's ever been mine

Floral romper - thrifted
Studded denim jacket - thrifted
Doc Martens - thrifted
Pink heart sunnies - Quiapo
Accessories - Quiapo & DIY

At last! A new outfit post! And oh no! I'm still stuck on these boots! lol. Are you sick of it yet? Sorry but I'm not. Anyway, this is me again, on my all time favorite thrifted treasures!

Got that floral romper from Quiapo many years ago *I forgot when. But I've had this for as long as I can remember and the thought of giving it away or selling it hasn't crossed my mind even once--even if I gained a few pounds and it's gotten a little tight on me. There's no way I'm living without these rompers! (Sorry I tend to over react a lot when I feel so strongly about my clothes.)

Moving on....I know many people will be shocked to hear/read that my denim jacket was thrifted. But what can I do? It was really thrifted! I can clearly remember that day when I found it in a corner of a dark and dusty thrift shop in a small town next to ours. It was definitely that "OH MY GOD!!!" moment I nearly cried tears of joy!

And of course, you knew how I felt when I got these authentic Doc Martens from a thriftshop in Cubao, right? I went BA NA NAS!!!! But I don't wanna blab about it all over again so if you need a laugh, read my over exaggerated reaction when I first laid hands on these DMs HERE. :P

As you can see, I'm wearing my favorite Lolita sunglasses! I have one in red but I just recently found a pink one from Divisoria for a sweet price! :)

So there you go girls: All thrifted! All favorite! All fabulous treasures I will keep until my dying day! ;P This outfit just makes me wanna live in the 80's and fall in love with bad boys and rock stars.

I guess now you understand why this post needs a Taylor Swift reference. If my romper, jacket and boots and accessories were alive and standing in front of me right now, I'd have only one thing to say to all of them: "You guys are the best things that's ever been mine!!!"


  1. Amazing outfit, the dress is so pretty xox

  2. i love your outfit!!! this look is adorable!!! :)

  3. love how you toughened up the jumpsuit with the boots!=) cute style. followed you!:)


  4. I love the way you pair that romper with the jacket, I have to admit that jacket doesnt look like a thrifted found. Love it, especially your doc martins

  5. hi, I just followed you,=) Nice Nice blog--and uber uber fab finds!!!=)

  6. cute style nikki!:) This is really you!:)

  7. @Denise You're right! This look just screams "MEEEE!!" haha

  8. love the colors and the print of your jumpsuit. those sunglasses are so fun too!

  9. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! I am in love with that denim jacket. I wish I could have it in my own closet! Lovely outfit!

    Stop by again soon!

  10. Wow!! awesome thrifted finds! :) You are rocking them. I love the way you mix and match. Good job, sister!

  11. @pancakestaker: Thanks dear! I will def. drop by again! :P

    @Sharina: Thanks!!!xxoo

  12. I love your blog!!! YOur pics are so definite and love the light! Also beautiful look!

  13. how cute are these photos??? :)) and i love the doc marts! ♥


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