Lynyrd Skynrd tee- Thrifted (It used to be a t-shirt but the armhole's too big so I decided to just cut the sleeves off. Looks better now.)
Leopard print leggings - Thrifted
DMs - Thrifted
Accessories - Quiapo, DIY, my dog's collar

As promised, I'm back with new outfits! Wee. I'm the happiest when I have new photos. Do you know that?

Anyway, this is my first outfit post wearing these pair of gem (Authentic Doc Martens) I thrifted many weeks ago. :) And like what I said on my Oct.11 post, (while I was blogging in ecstasy of what I have just found) I'm going to be living in these boots for the next 10 years.

Okay, I'm exaggerating. Just 10 months. Haha

But seriously, this serves as a warning: You'll be seeing me wearing these boots for a very very long time.

Oh, and I pinky promise to take a break from wearing leopard prints!!!


  1. i like your outfit dear so rebel chic!:) it's nice to see you're back!:)



  3. Can I just say. That's my ideal outfit.
    But I've tried like every store and I just can't find a pair of leggings like that. I think i have problems.
    Ill be glad to see you wear those boots every time...... they are amazing!

  4. I love those leggings!
    They're so cool!
    &Thanks for following me :)


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