Lovechild Vintage 14th Collection: PRETTY OVERLOAD

Hello everyone! I'm back with no new outfits to post. How disappointing is that?

Oh well, I have the perfect excuse/s!

First of all, I was busy working on my online shop's latest collection: PRETTY OVERLOAD.
Check out my favorite pieces from Lovechild Vintage's 14th Collection!

My cousin Jillene models for my shop. It been a long time since we worked together because she's been very busy with school these past few months. She's only 15 but she's already got the skinny frame and those mile-long lengs like a model! Oh how I envy her. LOL.

The labels in this denim jacket says Chick by Nicky Hilton. Cool. I love it but its a little tight for me cuz I've gained a lot of weight. :(

I wish I can keep this sequin top for myself because the color is just perfect for those night outs. But, DUH. As if I've ever been on a "night out"? As if I have ever partied before? My life is so boring, shoot me now. :P

I named this top Isabella cuz it reminds me of Isabella Swan's plaid long sleeved tops.

Lovely lovely lovely lace dress! I'd definitely own this dress if only it was a little shorter. I'm a sucker for mini-dresses.

How perfect is this blazer? Cotton on the outside, lace on the inside! I would keep it, no doubt, but this one's already sold. :P

Floral and stripes and a lovely shade of pink. I love this top! But someone has already placed a bid for it so I have to say goodbye!

Love the color and those vertical ruffles. ^_^

Check out the rest of my collection HERE.

Anyway, here's my second excuse on why I don't have new outfits to post.

A signal #4 supertyphoon hit our small town. :( Remember when I said its the perfect time to take outfit photos? I was wrong. I mean, come on! How am I supposed to dress up and strike awkward poses while the entire neighborhood are freaking out cuz their houses are being torn down my the strong winds of supertyphoon Juan? Thank God we didn't have to worry about our house falling down or losing a roof cuz it was concrete all over. But the hardest part was cleaning up a mess like this:


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